Ginger Marin was born in New York and is now a Los Angeles-based actor and author. Her latest work "Adventures in Avalon: An Offbeat & Quirky Adult Bedtime Story" is sold on Amazon.

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Ginger Marin is a former NBC News journalist. As an actor, Ginger trained at American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and with Guy Stockwell and Joel Asher in Los Angeles.

Ginger Marin Demo Videos

Demo Reels

Ginger Marin's demo reels show excerpts from dramatic short films and television series like Whitey, the tale of notorious Boston mob boss James Whitey Bulger and her own film Think Tank.



"Adventures in Avalon: An Offbeat & Quirky Adult Bedtime Story"

Intrepid ace reporter Ginger Marin discovers a lost civilization of cartoon people living in Middle America. Her dispatches from the front lines will thrill and excite you as she describes all the crazy things cartoon people do when they think no one's watching.

You'll read the fascinating, slightly raunchy true tales of the Avalon Defense Department (a.k.a. police department) where rock star police detective General Schnitzkof, a former British officer, and his trusted assisted rookie cop WingWing, solve some of the town's most absurd crimes such as these: "The Case of the Missing Member or How John Sir Gwaine Bobolini Lost One of His Family Jewels and How He Recovered It ... Well Sort Of", "The Case of the Missing Haunted Mobile Home" and last, but certainly not least, "The Cream Puff Caper", where you'll meet some of Avalon's worst offenders like that pervert Mr. Parabolikos and murderous old lady Wiggins.  More at Amazon.

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