A number of years ago, Ginger went crazy, thinking she could mimic famous people’s voices, and at the same time, interview them as any journalist might.

The result was The Kiss Kissinger Show - an internet radio show that she wrote, produced, voiced and engineered. It’s a less than serious look at the world and its many strange inhabitants (of which she is one).

(p.s. If you hear chipmunk voices, then it’s time to upgrade your audio player, and/or your browser, and/or your operating system. If all else fails, get a new computer.)


Ginger Marin, actor


England's Poet Laureate, Yorskire Puddin-on-Avon resident, Pinky Bean

Homemaker-Felon Martha Stewart

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -

The Secret Lives of Foreign Exchange Students in the United States

Three Rednecks on the Iraqi War

Ginger's Books

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